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Abby's Updates

A vibrant personality and powerful voice electrify the room when Abby Kasch takes the stage! With a modern country sound infused with rock and soul, Abby is above all an entertainer. “When I see the looks on their faces, I know I’m making people feel good by doing the only thing that I could really do.” [Abby's bio...]

As a full-time musician in Nashville, Abby performs regularly on Broadway while she works on new music. She's writing songs and just released her newest EP ~ Red Lip. But stay tuned because she's already preparing to record her next project soon! Stay tuned for exciting news and follow her on social media. 

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Abby's Performance Schedule

Abby performs regularly at Nashville’s top venues on Broadway.  When she's not in Nashville, shes' touring the countryside and frequently performs near her hometown in the Chicagoland area. To hear about her upcoming shows, follow Abby on Instagram and other social media!